Are You Ready To Stop Grinding Yourself Into Burnout Each Time You Get A New Client?

My biggest achievement working together was that in 6 months' time I went from $4,000 per month in profit to $15,000 months.

Those are the numbers that people like to see, but what this reality afforded me was a team to surround me and help take things off my plate. By the end of our first year, I retired my husband from his job in insurance. I was making $33,000 per month all while I was working only 6 hours a day, 3 days a week. This is now the norm I operate in and we just got back from a 2 month vacation in the Caribbean. This is a life everyone is worthy of and with Megan’s help, it is absolutely in reach!

Kimberly F.

Web Design Studio

Stop me if you’ve ever dreamed of having this before:

  • Scaling your business in a way that feels good and true to who you are


  • Easily hiring support so you can focus on what you do best


  • Having a kick-ass client experience that’s so good, your clients practically sell your services for you

Bright Eyed Entrepreneur Mastermind

Look, we know that you have no problem serving your clients.

Duh, you’re amazing! And all your clients know it.

Just So We’re On The Same Page, Here’s What’s Not Working For You Right Now:

  • You’re burned the F out - and it’s making you a tad resentful


  • Your last launch bombed and you’re scared to launch again


  • For all the work you’re doing, you’re not making the money you need DESERVE


  • You’re lonely - you don’t have a community that is going in the same direction (or at the same speed)


  • As much of a rockstar as you are, you’re missing a compelling long-term vision for your business


I’m not going to lie

But Here's The Deal

In order to do this, you need:

  • The right flow of offers for your audience and your business



This is not another lame group program, my friend.


  • Fun, Non-Business Community Events

What's The Investment?

Megan gives you the strategy but then prioritizes tailoring it to each business. I love that we are all unique and not a bunch of Megan Clones.

It is possible to take a strategy and fully customize it to what you need. The sheer support you get with Megan is unmatched. Aside from her just always being there with support and knowledge bombs, the thing that was most life-altering was the approach to scaling a business.

Jade P.

OBM Company


I am here to show you what can happen when you decide to make your own rules. 

It's time to live limitless.

You’re Perfect For This If:

  • You Are a Coach or Online Service Provider

    copywriter, designer, virtual assistant, online business manager, social media manager, accountant, photographer, etc.

  • You Are Burned Out And Fed Up With Inconsistent Sales In Your Business

    You are done with maintaining where you are and ready to freaking grow

  • You Love The Idea Of Creating Freedom and Adventure In Your Life 

    You are ready to make more memories away from business 

  • You Want A Community Of Peers To Lean On For Support

    You want to be around people that get it 

  • You’re willing and able to invest in yourself to make your dream happen

  • Want to be able to sleep full nights and not freak out over deadlines or taking part in a spontaneous Wine Wednesday


  • Want to leave your 9-to-5


  • Want to take your family on that trip you’ve been talking about for years


  • Want to start creating generational wealth

  • Want the freedom to have wifi-free adventures hiking in the mountains (or simply hiding out in your backyard)



Bright Eyed Entrepreneur

Working with Megan is everything I needed and more.

Together we made my business into a machine that is predictable and scalable. The first quarter we worked together she helped me restructure my offers to make it a more logical progression for clients. The real magic happened when she helped me plan out and support me through my first profitable launch EVER. That confidence alone was worth joining the program because it gave me the intangibles to grow and achieve even more in the next round.

Cassie R.


Business coach

You Made It To The End... 

Which Means You Are Probably Perfect For This.

Bright Eyed Entrepreneurs

I am here to show you what can happen when you decide to make your own rules, be more and make more than a 9-5 by building a business that supports a freedom lifestyle.  It's time to live limitless.

xx Megan

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