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Some Quick Megan Stats

Meet the real Me(gan)

  • I Lived As An Expat While Teaching English In South Korea + Taiwan.

    I love exploring cultures, meeting locals + trying new food. Traveling and working in the window seats around the world is my jam but my eyes stay bright from prioritizing adventures.

  • I Have A Love Affair With Early Mornings.

    This fun fact I discovered in college surprisingly enough and my typical day starts around 5 AM.  Coffee and a sunrise is my happy place... and also doughnuts. 

  • I Like Celebrating Success Milestones With A Relaxing Massage + A New Craft Beer.

    Celebrating wins, even smalls ones always keeps me motivated to keep moving forward. Self-care isn’t just a reward though- it’s a strategy.

  • And I am proud of it because laughing is contagious.  But I do have a tendancy to laugh especially hard if The Big Bang Theory is on the T.V.  or if I have a prime window seat for people watching.  

  • I’m Actually Living A Freedom Lifestyle.

    I'm not just talking about doing it.  This means I get to plan how and where I spend my time which to me is empowering. To me living freely means I can do things because I want to not because I have to.

  • My Favorite Dinosaur Is Pachycephalosaurus

The Lead Magnet Method Book

Bright Eyed Entrepreneurs

I am here to show you what can happen when you decide to make your own rules, be more and make more than a 9-5 by building a business that supports a freedom lifestyle.  It's time to live limitless.

xx Megan

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